Thermal Blankets

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Thermal Blankets

Thermal blankets are a custom manufactured insulated blanket. They are used for thermal insulating, personnel protection, or for acoustic reduction. The greatest benefit is that they are easy to remove with minimal effort to reinstall. The blankets are measured and custom made by Thermal Systems to suit each specific application, and meet the customers’ delivery requirements. While exposed to varying temperatures, our blankets remain flexible, durable, water resistant and withstand UV radiation. The materials used in our blanket construction will also withstand the effects of many chemicals. Our skilled fabricators can create the most complicated blankets for a perfect, custom fit.

  • Easy and cost effective access to equipment and vessels for maintenance/inspection
  • Flexibility to accommodate irregular shapes
  • Aerogel insulation for increased thermal values
  • Stainless steel mesh or silica cloth for extreme temperatures
  • Vinyl septum noise barrier can be added for improved acoustic performance

Supply Only: worldwide

Supply and Install: S. Alberta, N. Alberta, Saskatchewan