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Thermal Systems is a leading building envelope, mechanical insulation and daylighting subcontractor serving the industrial and commercial marketplace with high quality and exclusive products.

Kalwall is the most insulated daylighting system available. It provides building interiors with diffused sunlight and reduces energy costs. The translucent panels are highly resistant to corrosion, making the system ideal in industrial locations where there is a presence of salt, sulfur, ammonia, chlorine and other corroding agents. Kalwall has performed well in such facilities as Potash Plants, Sewage Waste Plants, Oil and Gas Facilities, Chemical/Fertilizer Plants, Food and Beverage Plants, Salt Plants and many more.

  • Thermal performance from R2 to R20
  • Super weathering face sheets
  • Lightweight of less than 2.5 lbs/sq. ft. reducing dead load on structure
  • Designed systems to be used as wall panels, curtain wall, window replacements, standard skylights, pre-engineered skylights, custom skylights, small and large structures
  • FM approved explosion venting

Supply and Install: S. Alberta, N. Alberta, Saskatchewan

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