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BEMO is an advanced engineered structural standing seam roofing system. It can be shaped into profiles a typical standing seam system could never achieve. The panel can be produced at the job site in continuous lengths resulting in an end-lap free weather-tight roof system. The structural capacity of the panel results in savings by eliminating the need for metal deck substrate. This product has been tested using many different types of material including steel (pre-painted, PVC coated), stainless steel (316, duplex), zinc, copper, and aluminum.

  • Custom Shapes: Curved, Tapered & Multi-Axis MONRO™ system
  • Engineered system that allows for movement of panels due to thermal expansion
  • Continuous lengths of over 400ft with no seams
  • Onsite mobile mills resulting in transportation savings
  • Additional component’s including walkways, snow fences, fall arrest, and solar panels
  • FM Standard Windstorm Class I-90, I-105, I-120, and I-180

Supply and Install: S. Alberta, N. Alberta, Saskatchewan

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