Combined Office/Control Tower, Edmonton International Airport

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Combined Office/Control Tower, Edmonton International Airport

This unique and stunning design features a fluctuating Rheinzink Shingle Ribbon building envelope that wraps the building at each floor. At the 4th floor the ribbon terminates into the glazing, but continues into the interior space.

The complete ribbon assembly was designed and engineered by Thermal Systems.

A full-scale construction trial was completed as an integral part of the design process.

3D modeling technology was utilized in design, clash detection, fabrication and assembly.

High definition laser scanning was leveraged to validate as-built conditions of interfacing elements prior to fabrication.

A full scale in-situ mock-up was completed to establish a benchmark of quality.

This challenging airside project is being accessed using elevated platforms strategically positioned to maximize efficiency.

50,000 square feet of Rheinzink Zinc Wall Panels.

200,000 square feet of Metal Decking.

900 individual support trusses.

5,000 square feet of Alucobond (Aluminum Composite Panels).

700 square feet of Architectural Louvers.

Featured on Global News.