Agrium Fertilizer Tower

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Agrium Fertilizer Tower

Phase 1: strip wind damaged cladding and insulation to make plant site safe | Phase 2: Strip remaining cladding and insulation and reinstall with new cladding and insulation | Phase 3: Install Alucobond Agrium sign on North wall

Old insulation was soaked in ammonia from plant operation

Workers were required to wear Tyvek suits and breathing masks with 10 minutes of air to be used in the event of an ammonia leak

Access to the tower was complicated by design and the addition of other structures

Mast climbers used to access the walls on the south and west sides of the tower

16,000 sq. ft. of S 15 steel cladding with modified rainscreen/double skin pre-painted steel

16,000 sq. ft. of 2” fiberglass insulation

16,000 sq. ft. of L-32 Liner (vapour barrier)