Thermal Systems


Insulation will both thermally and acoustically protect individuals from the outside environment. Thermal Systems recommends and promotes mineral wool insulation applications. Due to its durability, fire performance, and ability to form around irregularities, mineral wool is used in buildings, industrial pipe, vessels and storage tanks. It is completely resistant to rot, mold and bacteria. An important safety feature of mineral wool insulation is its fire stopping capabilities. It will not burn or melt at high temperatures and it will not produce toxic gases.

- Mineral Wool insulation made from Basalt (lava) rock and slag steel
- Fire tested with temperatures exceeding 1100 C
- Recommended for both buildings and equipment insulation
- Other insulations we use: calcium silicate, fiberglass, Foamglas, and Aerogel

Supply and Install: S. Alberta, N. Alberta, Saskatchewan


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